When The Rain Comes

 Two homeless men shelter from the rain in Pasadena, Southern California. The man on the right holds his cellphone while the man on the left shoots up. Grim.

Banana Sun ~ Partial Eclipse from Southern California 4-8-24

The 4-8-24 eclipse near its maximum seen from Claremont, Southern California, shot through the lens of eclipse glasses.

Military Transport


The driver, towing three Humvees from Southern California to Salt Lake City, stopped to buy a soft drink from an Upland, California, drug store. He had to park in the back!

National Twinkies Day

 Little did I know that National Twinkies Day was on my April 6 birthday until I stumbled across this Vons market display today. The snack cake was invented on April 6, 1930. Despite this dubious honor, I must confess I prefer Hostess CupCakes!

Guitar Man

Ronnie Robinson waits for a bus in Pomona, Southern California. He lost a lot when he became homeless but would not give up his guitar.

Old Folks At Home

I have measured out my life not with coffee spoons, but with pills and potions. It takes more than a spoon to consume enough coffee to reach consciousness each morning.

Police Action

A large sheriff's presence in San Dimas California arresting a transient then taking the man, in handcuffs and a spit shield, strapped to a gurney, to the hospital. It looks like he was Tased.

SoCal Parking Lot


A warning, primarily to homeless folks who often use shopping carts to carry their belongings around town. It's a losing battle.

Valentine Lovers

They were made for each other.
All photos by Russ Allison Loar

Out Of Order

 Where your money goes!

Winter Shadows

Trees are people too, only too slow for us to witness their writhings.

From a poem by Russ Allison Loar.

Holiday Lights ~ 1/1/24


Mortality Never Sleeps.

Bye Bye!

So long Halloween.